Combining It

Smartphone technology has revolutionized the way that people live their lives. You are always just a few pushes of a few buttons away from pretty much anything that you can imagine. For the sports fan, this is a huge deal. Not only can you look up stats when you’re at a game to prove yourself right to a buddy in the middle of a discussion, but you can place bets on the game that you are watching right from the stadium, if you wish. This has made it so that sports betting is far more easily accessible to the general public than ever before, and it’s a great way to enjoy yourself a little bit more when you’re out watching your favorite team play.

The first step here is to be prepared. You should have downloaded the sportsbook’s app already at home if you haven’t yet. This way you can have everything set up and ready to go before you even get to the game. Also, before you go to the game, be sure that you play around with the app a bit so that you know how to navigate it. Be sure that your account is funded to the level you want it at from your home computer as some sites do not allow you to make deposits (or withdrawals) from their app or mobile site. This trend is in decline, but a few sites still have this restriction.
Bet and Watch at the Same Time
If the site that you prefer doesn’t have an app, you can bet from their mobile site, although this is sometimes a bit slower. Using an app expedites the process and it is usually much more user friendly. Again, you want to have all of these kinks out of the way long before you make your first bet from the stadium. User error is a real problem when it comes to betting online, and it’s a rather silly way to lose money. Don’t fall victim to this mistake!

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you go and that your data is turned on, too. There’s nothing worse than making a real time prop bet as the game winds down, until to have your phone die on you.

There’s a small advantage that you might not know about when it comes to betting on the games that you are actually at. Online sports books tend to do a really good job of keeping up with games in real time, but they are not quite as fast as you are when you’re at the game. Let’s say that you are about to place a bet for your favorite team covering the spread, but they just announce over the loudspeakers that the starting quarterback hurt himself and won’t be taking any snaps that game. You can avoid the bet that you were going to lock in, and make another, more appropriate one, before the lines change and you miss out on the extra profits that are created as a result of this. It’s a small thing, but even a line that is 10 or 20 points in your favor means large profits for you over the course of time. Being at a game gives you this edge in your betting, and if you are a big sports fan with some betting experience, it’s something you should definitely use to your advantage. As you learn more about sports betting theory and how to gain an edge over the books, this will become more and more of an advantage for you, and it’s one big and easy edge that bettors can get when they go to live games.