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Training Tips Core

Sample AQx Abdominal/Core Exercises:

  • Crunches
    • Wearing Zero Gravity Suit for flotation, lay as flat as possible while keeping head out of water, and crunch at stomach while pulling knees to chest.  Can also add bicycle motion for oblique work.
  • Oblique Twists
    • Wearing Zero Gravity Suit for flotation (in deep end), maintain vertical position with knees tucked underneath.  With arms straight out at sides, twist side to side through core
  • High Knee Run w/ Twist
    • Standing in shallow water, perform high knee run in place while bringing elbow to opposite knee.  Switch arms each step.
  • Over/Under
    • Stand in shallow water with ball (basketball, medicine ball, etc.) held overhead.  Lean back as far as possible, then bring ball to toes, crunching the stomach as you go down through the water.  Repeat.
  • Ball Pass Side to Side
    • Stand in shallow water with ball held in front, elbows locked.  Swinging ball through water, rotate side to side at core.  Can be done with a partner or by yourself.

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