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Training Tips Running

Proper AQx Deep Water Running Technique Guidelines:

1. Please try to find an adequate amount of buoyancy. You may check this by finding where your chin is relative to the water (it should be approx. 1-4" above the water). This is an important aspect of providing a comfortable posture that enhances your ability to run in an "open gait" pattern that will allow you to run with the right range of motion. We have a buoyancy suit that will enhance the feel of your running workout in the water tremendously! (see products for AQx Zero Gravity Suit).

2. Maintain a slight forward lean at your hips and pretend that you are running fairly fast up a slight incline or into a headwind. If you sit too far back on your hips, your overall stride pattern will be very limited. In fact, it is likely that you will look and feel more like you are "stair-stepping" or riding a bike.

3. Arms should be like they are on land (in general). Although, it is likely that you may want to use them slightly more vigorously than on land.

4. Try to imagine pushing off of the bottom of the pool when your foot is under you. Generally, this requires a kind of "pawing" action that best mimics what you do on land.

5. You should feel a bit of a stretch at the hip when your leg is extended back toward the wall behind you. This feeling can act as a cue to your body to remember to keep your gait pattern open; not "overstriding" however.

6. In general, your gait pattern will look and feel a bit more like a "race pace" or interval type of range of motion. The great thing about this is that when you get out of the pool, your legs will actually feel like they accomplished the work instead of the more commonly reported "my arms got tired".

7. Lastly, the shoe was designed to give a subtle amount of resistance without over-shooting by providing too much drag, which could invite problems. Please keep in mind though, that over time this subtle amount will provide you with plenty of work.  Furthermore, it is not unlike decreasing the mass of a racing shoe to allow for less work to be accomplished and thus a better performance; except that we are hitting this idea from the other end of the continuum. The shoe provides a bit more resistance, that either over time or done faster, will provide an excellent, more specific, type of workout.


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