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Frequently Asked Questions

Training Questions

Zero-Gravity Suit Questions

Aquatic Training Shoe Questions

General Questions

Product Ordering Questions



Training Questions:

Do I need to purchase a Zero-Gravity Suit or flotation belt in order to complete a workout?

If you are doing deep water exercises then you will need to purchase a flotation device. A belt will provide basic flotation, but the ZGS will maximize the completion of exercises with proper form. If you are planning on doing shallow water and on-deck workouts only then a flotation device is not a necessity.

What is the difference between training with AQx and other fitness programs?

AQx’s durable aquatic training products comfortably provide control and support to facilitate powerful and effective movement in the water. The addition of AQx training products increases resistance 20 to 30% for any deep or shallow water exercise at a medium pace, while simultaneously removing the pain and stress of land-based options. AQx allows you to maximize your training by uniquely connecting land and water-based exercises/drills.

How long will I have to workout before I see results?

Even a single 15 minute session in the pool can start to boost strength, flexibility and recovery. Furthermore in as little as four to six weeks an appropriately designed and consistently applied training program can generate noticeable improvements in all components of fitness. Depending on the focus of the workout, you can experience increased performance in endurance, power, speed, agility, reaction to movement time, cardiovascular health, range of motion, dynamic flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, body composition, feelings of well- being, etc. See our Training Tips Page for tips and advice to get your training program started.

Are AQx products really essential to my aquatic training program?

Although drills and exercises may be done without flotation or aquatic shoes, lack of proper equipment may cause a lack of traction and improper mechanics resulting in decreased performance or injury in the most severe cases. Although others may claim to be comparable in function or comfort to AQx products, you can trust in the performance and safety of our scientifically designed and tested products to produce the results you desire.

Will I have to change my regular workout routine to include AQx training?

Aquatic training can be used in addition to or in place of aspects of your current training program. It can be used as cross training to provide improved balance to your overall program, as additional training within an existing program, as a complimentary activity for accelerated recovery or some combination of the three. You may adjust your regular workout routine as much or as little as you like. The options and possible ways to uniquely connect land and water are only limited by the imagination.

What if I want additional guidance in my AQx training?

For in-depth instruction we recommend participating in an AQx training session or schedule for us to come to your team or club at your own venue. One-on-one consultation can also be arranged with AQx founder and creator, Dr. Garry Killgore. View Rates

Can I use other types of workout equipment with the AQx system, such as dumbbell weights, medicine balls, physioballs, kickboards, etc.?

Equipment can provide you with different kinds of resistance in the water. Please Contact Us so we can help you incorporate other equipment into your workout as effectively and safely as possible.


Zero-Gravity Suit Questions:

What size of Zero-Gravity Suit should I wear?

For your convenience we have made a complete sizing guide by height and weight. View the complete sizing guide If your combination is not included on this list, please Contact Us so we can provide assistance in an effort to better serve your needs. We have the capability to make custom orders at additional cost.

I am experiencing uncomfortable rubbing or chafing under the arms or in the groin area of my Zero-Gravity Suit. What can I do to help prevent this from happening?

To prevent chafing in the groin areas, we recommend wearing lycra or spandex shorts under the suit. We have found that most baggy clothing items tend to cause rubbing and discomfort. We also recommend a similar lycra or spandex top for added comfort in the upper body regions. We are currently testing clothing options in an effort to provide maximal comfort for exercising in the water. Please check back with us or Sign Up for the AQx Newsletter for updates and future availability of our new gear.

Can the suit be used for swimming?

Yes it is possible to use the suit for swimming, but it will cause extra drag because of the buoyancy panels. Please keep in mind that it has been specifically designed for deep water running and other exercises and IT IS NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE.

How is the suit designed to help me in the water?

The ZGS (Zero-Gravity Flotation Suit) is specifically designed to promote better biomechanics and technique during water exercises. The buoyancy panels are designed for enhanced balance and performance. The ZGS also increases core activation and temperature, greater range of motion, a sense of security and comfort, and improved posture. Overall, you will gain flotation, freedom, and performance in all of your deep water training.




Aquatic Training Shoe Questions:

I wear different sizes in different kinds of shoes, how do I know what size of AQx Aquatic Training Shoe to purchase?

We base the size of your ATS (Aquatic Training Shoe) off of what size you wear for running. For example, if your running shoe is a size 9 then you would want to purchase a size 9 in your ATS. If you are a 9.5 running shoe and have an average to narrow foot the size 9 ATS should fit just fine. However, if you have an above average width foot or arthritis in your toes then a 10 would be better. View Size Chart

How are your shoes different than any other shoe and how do they help with my workout?

The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes are designed with strategically-placed hydrodynamic fins on each side to maximize the use of an appropriate amount of resistance (drag) in the water. The ATS also have an effective slip-resistant rubber out-sole that has been rigorously tested to prevent slipping on many different pool surfaces. For more benefits of wearing the ATS see the ATS Product Page.




General Questions:

Is AQx safe for children, seniors or those with medical conditions to use?

Due to the supportive and forgiving nature of a water environment, an AQx training program can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any individual. However, be certain that all equipment fits properly and is worn correctly, and that activities are conducted in a safe manner. Before starting an exercise program, please check with a trained professional and/or physician; only engage in activities that have been approved by a trained professional and are within your personal physical capabilities.

How can I become an Approved AQx Instructor?

To become approved to teach the AQx system you must complete an official “Approved Instructor” training program that includes 3 hours of class time and 3 hours of in-pool training. A list of upcoming trainings can be found on our Upcoming Events Page or Contact Us to make arrangements for an “Approved Instructor” certification clinic at your venue.

Is AQx sizing comparable to average shoe or clothing sizing?

In most cases AQx Aquatic Training Shoes and Zero-Gravity Suits will correspond directly to typical shoe and clothing size. However, if your product does not fit comfortable items may simply be exchanged for a more appropriate size.

Should I clean my AQx products?

If your ZGS or ATS should need cleaning then soap and water can be used to spot clean any AQx products. However, do not heat ZGS or ATS as it may negatively affect the product’s durability and/or performance. Additionally, due to the corrosive nature of chemicals used in the maintenance of swimming pools it is impossible to prevent materials from fading with usage. To increase the life of the products please rinse them after use and then hang to dry to prevent the growth of mildew. AQx Product Care Page

Can I tryout AQx products before I decide to make a purchase?

The best way to test out the performance and quality of our products is to plan a visit with an AQx representative or to attend an AQx training or clinic. A visit to the AQx world headquarters in McMinnville, OR can be scheduled to introduce you to our product line and allow you to do a trial run in our home pool outfitted in the AQx equipment. A representative can also be scheduled to come to your location for a fee. However, if you feel you have a cause warranting the shipment of trial products please Contact Us so we can assist you.




Product Ordering Questions:

How quickly can I expect my order to arrive?

Orders are typically shipped from our warehouse within one business day after the order is placed. If your item(s) are on back-order please Contact Us for the most up to date information.

I need my order fast, can I request express shipping?

Yes, if you have any special shipping or ordering needs that we don’t currently offer on our website please Contact Us so we can best serve you.

What kind of warranty do AQx products have? Can products be returned?

We take pride in our reputation for quality, value as well as our customer service. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will assist you with a prompt exchange or refund. Returns/exchanges will be accepted up to 30 days from purchase date. Please return merchandise in a clean and resalable condition with hangtags intact.



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