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What is AQx?

What is AQx?

AQx is a training system designed to help individuals recover from injuries, prevent the likelihood of injuries, increase strength, power, dynamic loading, flexibility, coordination, and endurance in low-impact or zero-gravity aquatic environments. Our multidimensional training system can be tailored to virtually any fitness level, goal, or need by providing workouts that develop core areas without the stress on the joints and back.

AQx is devoted to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through the most modern and intelligent connection of land and water based training and rehabilitation.

How does it work?

The AQx system provides an extraordinary experience for people of any fitness level, age, or ability by connecting the movements done on land with what can be accomplished in water. By combining the amazing aspects of water with our two main products, the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes (AQx ATS) and the AQx Zero-Gravity Buoyancy Suit (AQx Zero-G Suit), we create an environment that gives you the power to immediately change the amount of resistance or assistance you experience while moving in a zero gravity or low-impact state. The AQx ATS feature hydrodynamic fins on each side that are scientifically proven to add 20-30% more resistance to many aquatic exercises (at a medium pace). The AQx ATS also feature sticky rubber outsoles that prevent slipping on most pool surfaces, providing a standard of safety you need to have in order to be much more innovative with the exercises you do in and around the pool. The AQx Zero-G Suit is designed with buoyancy panels specially constructed for balance, performance, and improved posture while providing a sense of safety, comfort, and security. The AQx Zero-G Suit’s flexible fabric and unique design gives you the ability to move freely between activities in the deep and shallow water of the pool and on land. No other workout system in the world allows you to transition between strength, power, dynamic loading, recovery, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and rehabilitation exercises faster and more effectively than AQx. The best part is, you can do all of this while preventing injuries, recovering faster, and taking the stress off of your joints and back!

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