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AQx Instructor Spotlight: Pauline Ivens


World Renowned Aquatic Fitness Specialist, Pauline Ivens, recently gave a workshop featuring AQx products in Cottonwood Heights, Utah at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center. The 3-hour "Just Running" workshop was held on October 30th and included 30 water exercise instructors, all of which wore AQx Aquatic Training Shoes. Pauline is a full-time presenter and has 37 years of knowledge and experience in movement education. She travels nationally and internationally teaching and training water exercise instructors, as well as writing and designing new materials for water exercise education. Workshops like the one in Utah are typical of her training programs.

Pauline first learned of AQx in 2005, when a former classmate from the University of Oregon, Guido van Ryssegem (who is now on the AQx Advisory Board), told her that AQx is something she would be very interested in and she should contact Dr. Garry Killgore, President/Founder of AQx, right away. "I did!" says Pauline and now she has been an AQx Master Trainer for over four years. The most exciting part of AQx for Pauline is finally meeting and working with a Track & Field/Cross Country coach and professional educator who is adamant that all athletes should train in the water. "I cannot emphasize how important this is," Pauline states, "and how exciting for a water exercise person like me!"

She is very excited to be actively taking part in connecting many athletes' land-based and water-based training through her work with AQx and Dr. Killgore. "For the water exercise world this is a major step in the right direction. For many years we have not been able to consistently attract athletes into the water. I knew before I met Garry that we were not offering athletes the training specificity that they need. Now I have met a very knowledgeable professional educator who can provide us with the detailed technique to get those athletes into the water consistently."

Pauline operates her own business, Aqua Aerobics Unlimited, and created her own educational workshop called "Just Running" which features AQx products and programs but is designed specifically for the water exercise professional to gain an understanding of the water techniques. "My main focus is to help our water exercise professionals understand the technique and be able to teach the technique, so that we can start water running classes/sessions in our pools."

"I am only interested in products that are backed up with research, and provide training for the users," says Pauline. "Garry and the team at AQx have worked extremely hard to produce a high quality shoe that really does what it is designed to do! The engineering detail is phenomenal. The water exercise world has never seen anything like this. Garry is both meticulous and generous. He shares every possible detail about the training programs, workout options, and fitness benefits. His ongoing research has brought new and innovative aquatic gear to the marketplace. The Zero Gravity suit is truly 'innovative!'...The aquatic therapy world is also benefiting from Garry's research. The water is well known as a suitable environment for injury rehabilitation. The AQx products have been able to add a new dimension to the healing outcomes for many clients."

More about Pauline:

Pauline is from England. She grew up on the Isle of Wight (well known location mentioned in one of the Beatles songs) and was a local swimming champion! Her love of sports led to a career in Physical Education, and she taught for many years at a British secondary school. Pauline's sense of adventure led her to the United States in 1984 when she did a Fulbright Teacher Exchange with a PE Teacher from Oregon. That very special year launched a whole new direction for Pauline's life and career. She returned to Oregon in 1988 and started her Masters degree in Adapted Physical Education at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon.

The university welcomed Pauline's teaching skills, and she was immediately hired to teach a multitude of fitness classes, including aqua aerobics. She became the Program Coordinator for the Department of Physical Education and Human Movement Studies. Those were the wild days of high impact aerobics and the introduction of step training!

In 1990 Pauline added 'adjunct faculty' to her resume as she was invited to teach both undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation courses in elementary physical education at the university. Then in 1993 Pauline was offered the position of Director of Education at HYDRO-FIT Inc., and that shifted her career to a complete focus on water exercise.

It is now 21 years since that first day at U of O, and Pauline is still 100% passionate about movement education. She has become a nationally renowned presenter and instructor trainer in the water exercise branch of the fitness industry, is certified by AEA and ACE, and is a Training Specialist for the Aquatic Exercise Association. She is also a licensed NIA Teacher and Watsu Practitioner. Pauline is frequently published in AKWA and OnSite Fitness. In 1997 Pauline was awarded the Aquatic Fitness Professional Global Award for excellence in aquatic fitness leadership and education. She currently lives in Eureka, California.

"I am delighted to be a member of the AQx Team."

Thank you Pauline! We are honored to have you!


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