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    "At Chelsea Football Club we take rehabilitation very seriously. We are constantly looking for people and modalities that will improve our methods as we aspire to be one of the most effective units in the world. We appreciate the value of water in all aspects of rehabilitation as well as adding this form of therapy to fit athletes with their strength and conditioning programmme. However training in this area has required specific knowledge and expertise in order to take us to a higher level. We searched worldwide and finallly concluded that Garry Killgore was the specialist that would provide us with the expertise that we needed to assist in this specialist area of aquatic therapy. Garry Killgore provided intensive training for our department over 3 days and he has been an inspiration. His energy in teaching, experience and undoubted knowledge has markedly improved the way our club approaches rehab strength and conditioning in the water. We believe he is true world expert in his field".
    Dr. Bryan English
    Chelsea Football Club


    "While working with the England World Cup Rugby Team in 2007, I was introduced to the Zero Gravity suits and shoes. It took one session in the pool to immediately realize how practical and appropriate this set-up would be for both post-injury and performance training. The ability to off load an athlete in the water is critical for my programs; and the AQX equipment creates an opportunity to train athletes that is limited only be one's creativity. I have had some of the best athletes in the world use this equipment and I will continue to do so for a long time!"
    Bill Knowles ATC, CSCS
    Director iSport Training
    16 years professional experience working with World-class, Olympic, Professional, Elite, & Nationally ranked athletes from around the world.


    “At Manchester United the pool facilities are utilised with all age groups using various forms of conditioning methods to achieve our goals. Training is undertaken in the pool with injured players throughout their rehabilitation as well as with fit players for additional cardiovascular training, power development and recovery/regeneration training. The addition of the Zero G to our programme has contributed to all components, assisting players’ running gait during cardiovascular and recovery work as well as providing additional buoyancy during some of the power work. There is extra comfort associated with the suits that the players respond positively to which has contributed to an enhanced quality of training and sensation of well-being”.
    Dr Richard Hawkins
    Human Performance Manager
    Manchester United Football Club


    "I've now spent 7 of the last 10 days in the water with the AQx shoes. They definitely add more resistance and they make you run with proper form. When doing striding drills, they more than double the effect on my hamstrings/glutes. The few days I've run on land, I feel lighter, stronger and faster. I got dad (Jim Ryun) in the AQx shoes. When I asked him if he had tried them, he said, ‘They are incredible.’ He thinks the shoes are fantastic and loves the added resistance they provide.”
    Drew Ryun; Director, The Jim Ryun Running Camps
    Son of former American Mile Record-Holder and 3-Time Olympian Jim Ryun

    "Just a brief note to thank you and staff for offering these classes. My husband and I took the class last term and had a really good experience with the three trainers. We are doing a mini version of it now on our own for 30 minutes three times a week and getting good results. I have lost 8-10 pounds since I started the class and in general feel much more energized."
    Sandy Soohoo-Refaei
    Associate Director of International Programs Office
    Linfield College


    Michellie Jones trained with the AQx shoes to re-start her training shortly after a fractured hip in 2005. She continued to implement deep water running workouts with the AQx shoes right into her 2006 triathlon season and in 2006 she won her first Ironman World Championship.

    "Thanks, the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes are certainly making a big difference in my training."
    Michellie Jones
    2-Time World Triathlon Champion
    2006 World Ironman Champion
    2000 Silver Medalist in the Olympic Games


    “Two World records in three weeks! On September 10 Lornah was injured and between the 10th and the 16th she only did water running with AQx shoes on her feet, no running at all. On the 17th she broke the WR on the 10 Mile! Thanks and regards.”
    Pieter Langerhorst
    Coach of World Record Holder and World Champion Lornah Kiplagat


    "I always used water training as part of my weekly training schedule. With the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes proper running form in deep water became reality."
    Petr Vabrousek
    2-Time World Ironman Champion


    “As an older runner, I've begun cross-training more than when I was in my 20's or 30's and the AQx Aquatic Training Shoes allow for the closest thing to ‘Real Running.’
    Coming back from injury they allow you to utilize water recovery in a whole new way; different from just swimming or using a water belt. Run steady with AQx!”
    Bill Rodgers
    4-Time Winner of the Boston and New York City Marathons
    Won the Boston Marathon in US record: 2:09.55.
    Member of the 1976 US Olympic Team


Tiombe J Hurde
    "I just want you to know that I'm really enjoying the aquatic training shoes. I've been able to do some good workouts with them. Thanks again for your support."
    Tiombe J. Hurd
    American Record Holder - Triple Jump
    6-Time U.S. National Champion
    2004 Olympian


    ”All health care and strength & conditioning professionals know that the key to an effective training program is variety. The AQx shoes provide endless possibilities for training which helps to prevent athletes from hitting a plateau. At the physical therapy clinic I work at we offer aquatic therapy in a unique pool environment with an underwater treadmill. Previously, I performed workouts bare foot on the treadmill. After getting the shoes I couldn’t believe how much more support I had as well as how much their design increased the intensity and quality of my workout. People who train with the AQx shoes will be pleasantly surprised and immediately see the powerful results that only they can provide. I will no longer workout myself or other athletes in the pool without the AQx Aquatic Training Shoe.”
    Timothy DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, AQx CMT
    Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer
    Peak Performance Physical Therapy


    "I want to thank you for introducing me to the AQx Aquatic Training Shoe. The shoes have allowed my athletes to get in quality water running workouts while recovering from their injuries. Unlike other water training devices, the AQx Aquatic Training Shoe has helped my athletes maintain a high level of fitness while using the pool for both training and recovery purposes. The AQx Aquatic Training Shoe is an athlete's best option when doing pool workouts!"
    Ron Tabb
    Head Cross Country & Track Coach Pacific University
    1980 Olympic Marathon team (1st alt)
    10 marathon wins on five continents
    Coached Meb Keflezighi, 2004 Marathon Silver Medalist

Have your own AQx testimonial? We love hearing about your experiences! Contact us with your story...

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