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Training Tips Basketball

AQx Basketball-Specific Training Program

Low impact exercise to enhance many critical areas for basketball players including:

Speed – Quickness - Agility – Explosiveness - Power – Injury Prevention - Strength – Balance – Coordination – Endurance – Vertical Leap – Ball Handling – Hand Strength – Hand/Eye Coordination – Core Strength – Body Control

General Principles: Always begin with an adequate amount of warm-up and end with an appropriate cool-down to aid in injury prevention, muscular recovery, an enhanced workout, and increased flexibility.  Also increase reps and sets at an appropriate rate for each individual athlete, beginning with 1 set of each exercise and a low number of repetitions, then increase repetitions and sets (but not both at once) as your body adapts.  For beginners or if time is limited, choose 2-4 exercises from each section, focusing on weaknesses.  Always use proper technique and then increase speed and explosiveness of movement accordingly.


Basketball Specific Drills (w/ basketball or medicine ball) Sample:

Passing Drills (Get progressively deeper in water with passing slide/passing drills.  Keep 10-15 feet between partners.):

  • Two-Handed Pass w/ Alternate Leg Forward
    • Switch forward leg with each pass.  Can do both chest and overhead passes.
  • Slide and Chest Pass w/ partner
    • Slide to side as quickly as possible while passing ball to partner.

Ball Handling Drills/Hand Strength

  • Under Water Dribbling w/ each hand
    • Keep ball under water and move hand back/forth
  • Stationary Ball Wraps
    • Jump and wrap ball behind the back in the air, land, and repeat as quickly as possible.  Wrap ball around both directions.

Body Control/Balance

  • Jump Starts
    • Jump off two feet straight into the air, land, pivot, and sprint forward for 5 seconds.  Repeat in opposite direction.
  • Lay-Up Drill (Mikan)
    • Explode off left foot and simulate lay-up with right hand, land, then repeat on opposite side as you move through the water.  Focus on explosive jumping and technique.


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