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Testimonial from U.S. Army Specialist
We are honored to share this testimonial with all of you. These are the stories that fuel the AQx team and we consider it a huge privilege to be able to help people like Jason. Thank you for sharing and for your service.

"I would like to express my gratitude to you and AQx sports for your very generous gift of the Zero Gravity Suit, Aquatic Training Shoes, and Training DVD, they have been very beneficial in my recovery from combat injuries sustained in Afghanistan.

After being wounded in Afghanistan I was in a wheelchair for several months and slowly progressed to walking with a forearm cane. I continued standard physical therapy for a few more months and progressed very slowly. Once I got my hands on the Zero Gravity suit, aquatic shoes, and training video I jumped in the pool. I was amazed by the balance the suit gave me once I was in the water. Using your system I have been able to get a cardiovascular workout unlike anything I have done in standard physical therapy. Also, the exercises have allowed me to work with a larger range of motion than before. I have had tremendous balance issues due to several damaged nerves and working out in the pool with the Zero Gravity suit has allowed me to progress and acquire proper balance. The suit really reduces stress levels on joints and allows for a more instense workout without causing harm to my body. Every time I jump in the pool and use the Zero G suit I am amazed at how tough the workout is. I continue to use the Zero Gravity suit, aquatic shoes and exercises developed by AQx Sports several times a week. I have since seen vast improvements in my physical stamina, balance and overall joint mobility. Thank you Dr. Killgore and AQx Sports for helping me recover from my injuries!"

Jason Tachine
Specialist, United States Army


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