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New Tethering System On All Suits!

AQx20image20Zero20G20suit20Men27s20black20with20Royal20blue20back20and20front20viewsTether System: have you ever been challenged by wanting to run in the pool and discover that you are limited to a confined space within a lane? If so, we have a solution for your problem. We are happy to introduce our new tethering system that works with our improved Zero Gravity Suit! We have added a small D-Ring at hip level on each side of the suit that you can attach our elastic tether to with 2 small clips. Then simply attach the "s hook" that is also attached to the elastic tether to a lane line, face the opposite direction and run to your heart's content! This can also be used with bars along an edge of the pool, etc. Run or workout with a friend or a group and make it a great experience.

Our new tether system Zero Gravity Suits with tethering capabilities are here!  Contact us for details on how to order yours!




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