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Training Tips Aquatics

AQx Aquatics Fitness Exercise Samples

Deep Water Exercises:

  • Deep Water Running
    • For proper technique see AQx deep water running techniques on running training tips page
  • Cross-Country Skiing
    • In a vertical position, arms straight at sides, legs straight but not locked at knees.  Moving only at the hip joint, swing straight legs forward and back as far as possible in a cross-country skiing motion.  Arms should also swing in unison with the legs.
  • Flutter Kicks
    • In a vertical position, point toes and keep legs straight.  Moving only at the hip joint, swing legs back and forth in small, quick, kicks.
  • High-Knee Run
    • Moving legs in a piston-like motion, run as in normal deep water running only with much smaller, quicker strides.  Focus on high knee drive and smaller range of motion.

Shallow water drills: (All on balls of feet focusing first on proper technique and then speed of movement.  Arms swing as in normal running motion unless otherwise noted):

  • High Knee Walk
    • Drive knee up until thighs are parallel to ground, create small elliptical movement with feet then “paw” water as feet return to ground.
  • Goose Step Walk
    • Drive knee up with feet pulled to butt until thighs are parallel to ground, extend at knee, then “snap” foot back into ground.
  • Butt Kicks
    • Keep thighs perpendicular to ground, pull heels to butt in rapid succession with hamstrings.
  • Carioca (in each direction)
    • Arms out at side and facing 90 degrees from direction of movement, drive knee across body in front then across body behind.

Sample Combined Deep and Shallow Water Workout  – Intermediate to Advanced

  • Warm-up for 10 minutes in the deep section of the pool using the “open” running gait pattern (work on form)
  • Using the “open” running gait, complete 5 x 30· seconds at a comfortably hard pace, with 30 seconds recovery (focus is on Range of Motion, not just a speed increase)
  • Between deep and shallow = active recovery· using the “open” running gait for 2 minutes
  • Shallow water (3-4’ of water) drills/exercises/plyometrics for 10-15 minutes


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